Page Zoom for Android

Just moved from iOS to Android and miss the “Page Zoom” feature. I use this specifically to compress the 10-day weather forecast provided by into a succinct 1 page view. Please consider.

While the “Page zoom” feature specifically isn’t there, you are able to zoom into most pages (there is also Enable force zoom in Settings if you can’t for some sites) using the “pinch/zoom” gesture.

Thanks for the quick response; those features work most of the time but the wunderground page (and presumably others) does not respond in Android. On IOS the Page Zoom works perfectly on every site I have tried.

Yeah I see what you are saying — it does specifically seem to be that forecast page that doesn’t respond to the zoom. Most other pages seem like they do respond. Thanks for pointing this out.

It may be a small thing but might open new capabilities for other situations.

It seems like the graphic is a separate image that is separately produced and pasted into the page on-demand and somehow does not participate in a zoom.

However, if you carefully confine your pinch to areas outside of the graphic, then you can get the whole page and graphic to zoom. This is very tedious and impossible with gloves!

I’m thinking that there is a simple translation of code from IOS to Android that fixes this but I’m not the guy to know. Thanks for your interest!