Page Save As requires internet connection



I am often disconnected from the internet and need to read webpages I’ve downloaded.

I also sometimes prefer to NOT send information to the website’s owner about how I am interacting with the page- what part I am reading, how long I read it, what my mouse is doing, etc. etc. I choose to download pages and read them offline under these circumstances also.

As it is, Brave requires an internet connection to use page->save as. I think but don’t know that this means I am sending a second request for the page to the website, possibly a recognizable “save-as” request. I am guessing at this now.

If that is the case, I would greatly prefer to be able to use page-save as AFTER I have disconnected from the webpage/internet. In this way, I would give them zero information I am saving the page .

The entire page is in cache (usually) after it has loaded so it seems I could just save that information in cache and not have to connect to the website again in order to do a page->save as.

Is this possible? Some other browsers do let me use save as when I am disconnected from the internet, so there’s the proof of concept.

Any information or feedback on this feature request will be eagerly consumed.

Thank you . I am enjoying Brave and look forward to getting into BAT as soon as I can figure it all out lol !!!