Page not loading when clicking on link

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Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to any page ( for example
  2. right click on a link (for example browser support)
  3. open in new tab
  4. New tab opens with the link and remains in a loading state
  5. Click on stop (X) and refresh (the round arrow)
  6. Page opens in the tab

Expected result:
Page opens directly in step 4

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.39.111 Chromium: 102.0.5005.61

Additional Information:
It as a pretty fresh install , max 2 weeks

Do you see this same behavior if you try the same steps using a Private browsing window?

yes I do, also after restarting the OS, the beviour is consistent.

Interesting — can you please update to the latest build (released today — v1.39.122) and tell me if this resolves the issue or not?

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I have been wondering, exactly what the ‘round arrow’ actually is called (tx to ‘’):

‘Open Circle Arrow’:


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Hi ,

yes, I am trying to do that, but when I go to ‘About Brave’ and then click on the version , the update is not installing, instead the page is opening.

I searched in settings and online how to enable updates, does such a setting exist?



Latest v1.39.122 at:

Please be certain to ALWAYS back up your BraveSoftware folder, prior to running the installer.

On the Linux machine, the BraveSoftware folder might be located at:

  • $HOME/.config/BraveSoftware/

PS. If not using KDE instead of GNOME, you might try that.

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ok, I have installed this version manually using the instructions.
Now it works when middle clicking a link on a page - it opens in a new tab without the need to stop and refresh. :+1:

Strange though from search engine results it still needs the refresh, I tried brave, duckduckgo and presearch . Is my assumption correct that this will be addressed in future fixes? I read about issues when setting specific search engines as default on other topics.
I changed the default search engine to duckduckgo , but the same happens.

Also I saw that stop and refresh is needed when entering an url in the adress bar and hitting enter.

The page refresh issue may be related to this (known) issue:

As for the search engine, is the situation that you’re not able to change the default search engine for the browser? Or am I misunderstanding?

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  • Thank you for the tip; I started the browser with the “–enable-features=NavigationThreadingOptimizations” setting and pasted and hit enter. The page did not load. Then after deactivating protection from the brave symbol the website loaded. I see that the issues are well known to development so I trust they will be fixed in future updates.
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Same here. I don’t really know how to reproduce it, but sometimes (often) my pages just don’t load, and need to “stop” and “refresh” to make it work.

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The issues with page not loading from different opening methods seems to be resolved in my installation, although the version is now still 1.39.122 . Thank you to the developers :+1:

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