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Hello Brave Community and developers, I am very excited about the path of privacy and anonymity that is taken place on brave. With that being said there is a lot to be done with this browser. I have already encountered two bugs doing my everyday things with brave browser. And I only started using it last night even though I have had it installed for months.

Anyways I would like to see the Loading Icon for the page be improved because on my 43" 4k screen it is very hard to see even with the scaling raised and if i have page loading time it leaves me thinking what the heck. Until i notice the little orange circle that shows the page is loading, Its not very functional but if you made it more bold and obvious so it could be seen from peripheral that would be awesome. I am sure others will enjoy a new and improved loading icon! You could leave it where it is just make it one solid circle when it spins and make it more bold and noticeable!

It is hard to take a screen shot so I didn’t bother but if you load a page look at the loading indicator circle on the tab its not very nice.

Thanks Brave Team and Community,


Honestly it looks completely fine to me. I think you might to change your monitor settings? I’m using a monitor and it’s very clear and easy to see, quite appealing aswell. Also I’ve never had a problem with pages taking a long time to load, they are pretty instant tbh.

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