Own Internet Archive // Record everything you browse

  1. Record all webpages a user browses in MHTML format, packed, with pictures, without videos, without advertisements.

  2. If the webpage loads content on scrolling, limit to what has been scrolled/viewed for real

  3. Record all videos and audio a user watched and listened

  4. Choose the folder/drive to save all that data.

  5. Allow to keep track of last 30 days, last 3 months, last year or everything etc

  6. Display space used on disk. Add options to compress, remove duplicate pictures, remove heavy videos or all pages coming from this website or with that keyword etc

  7. Allow to search and browse in offline content only

  8. Add a button to rip and save the whole webpage (infinite scroll), the whole list of pages (next/until page number X), or even a whole website

  9. In version 2.0, allow syncing between all devices and store on a nextcloud server

  10. In version 3.0, allow people to share and serve the content they saved to other users (without cookies/session/password). In an other word : acts as proxy for local network, friends using same browser, or neighbors connected to the same DSLAM

=> This way everyone can fight against censorship and data obscolescence. Plus, it can move the web towards more autonomy and ecology => access the data with more proximity rather than fetching to the other side of the world

=> The revolutionary idea is simple : with terabytes drives, it is possible to record everything you browse. Everything you read and view on the web creates neuronal connections. Days or years later, your remember something you watch, but you don’t remember where did you watch it. If you store everything, you can reaccess easily even if the resource disappeared from the web, or the search keywords to re-access it are overcrowded by new indexed resources