Over a year of issues solved this month?

After over a year problem I think my Brave Browser is finally working again. Slowly I started getting ads again this month, and then last night I started getting ad after ad after ad, I haven’t had this happen in ages. For the last 6 hours or so I have not only received ads but they are suddenly showing up as a banner too. Nothing knew on my end, so I suspect Brave fixed something after all this time. I only wish I hadn’t have lost out on all the ad revenue this whole time. I hope this continues to work. For the first time I’m not writing to complain, and that’s a great way to end the year. Then again we have a couple days left so who knows. lol Merry Holidays eses. Oh wait I do have one complaint. For some reason my browser isa very very and I mean very slow as of the last 2 weeks. I wrote Steeven about it but he never replied. Whatever, but I though I’d throw this in my sorta happy post. I have working ads finally but can I deal with such a slow browser just to get BAT? I don’t know, we’ll see. And yes I have made sure I’m up to date on both browser and drivers, and yes window 10 also. I have also dleted cookies, temp files, removed addons, and the rest of the bunk we do to TS these issues. It’s not me, it the browser. But at least for now I am getting ads right?

Hmmm, my Brave browser is faster than it was before, but I lost all ads, except the NTP ad, as of Dec 19th. This is the 22nd tab I have open, maybe I need to trim down so the ad gods aren’t so confused.
It’s weird how we all have such different experiences.

Right now after closing a few tonight I have 18 tabs open. It’s just a screwy browser bro.