Over 40 pending BAT in Android app

I have had the Brave android app for quite a while now and my pending BAT has never once been paid out to my wallet. I’m pretty sure I have lost a significant amount of pending BAT in the past and now that I’m back up to 42 BAT I really want to make sure that I get it. I have an Uphold account connected to my browser and I would like to connect it to my app as well. Since there is no BAT in my app’s wallet though, I cannot. When I press the “claim” button it gives me the message “Oops, something is wrong. Please try again later.”

All software is up to date; the phone is not rooted and the bootloader is locked.

Information from app:
App version: Brave 1.21.76, Chromium 89.0.4389.86
Operating system: Android 10; ONEPLUS A6013 Build/QKQ1.190716.003

Bump, some assistance would be appreciated.

Still have not had any assistance with this. Keeping the thread alive until I do.

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