Outperformance optimization (continuing)

(Chapter from my non-fiction novel)
Full of lightheartedness

At the time of writing, due to me explaining to a local bakery of mine, about ‘lightheart richness of taste’, it became clear to me that performance of taste of food is about ‘full on lightheartedness’.
And, this is what content (therefore product (therefore console(/body))) is about. Yeah, it’s there with my content. No, I didn’t know this before. Not that I need to. I just needed to understand what makes the content I create outperform. I needed to know what about it makes it ‘social’. Sure, I too have figured that out for ‘food’. Yeah, it so happens that what goes for food, is the same for any content (therefore product). Sure, a console(/body) is about ‘approachibility’. Yeah, it’s a middleman (so a platform too is about ‘approachability’). It’s a matter of ‘full on lightheartedness’. Indeed, when I create content, my music-related videos are full of lightheartedness (in case of a music video, the flow between footage and song is the fullness). Indeed fullness is #1. Yeah, when I write this novel, I too make for that. I don’t tap into anything ‘scaring’. I don’t talk conspiracy theories as a matter of ‘real’ (except for things (such as CERN) that publicly exist, and turn the public cruel). Yeah, for that matter, if for content, it doesn’t matter, as long as it doesn’t make for a response physically paining. Indeed, the public doesn’t want to get nauseous. Indeed the public doesn’t want to get scared unbearably. Indeed it’s a matter of ‘reproduction’. Sure, kids watching the movie titled ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ in cinema peed their pants. So they pee their pants. They just pee, and lose some excessive fluid.
So, yeah, those ‘2m’ annual Tesla #s is nothing impressive. Again, China’s market is ‘26m+’. For that matter, the globe’s population is over 5 times that of China. So, if for the Chinese market being globally, that’s 130m+. Like, that translates to 2m just being over 1%. Tesla, at the time of writing, isn’t ‘full of lightheartedness’. Yeah, affordability matters. Besides affordability, a car is to make transport a delight. A car is to make transport like floating on a bed of clouds.

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