Outlook.com no longer stay signed in


I just noticed that for some reason Brave no longer able to keep my email signed in on outlook.com, it was perfectly fine until I sign out couple days ago, then I signed back in the next day, but now whenever I closed Brave and relaunch it, outlook will always show the welcome page and I have to sign back in, no longer go straight into my mailbox. I’ve tried totally clear out the history and browsing data but nothing helps, does anyone experienced the same? Other websites are fine and only outlook.com having this problem, it only happens when I close the Brave totally, close outlook tab and go back in is ok.

EDIT: Just tested with Google Chrome and it has same behavior, but Microsoft Edge is fine, close multiple times and it still keep my outlook account signed in, I wonder what changed? It was working perfectly with Brave.

Brave version 1.14.86 on Android 10, OnePlus 8 Pro


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