Our embedded form is being blocked on some websites

Hi guys,

We are hoping to get some help to determine why our embedded donation forms are being blocked on some websites.

An example of this scenario can be found here where our embedded donation form is not being blocked. However, for this website, it is getting blocked.

Are there any steps we can take to ensure our iframe embedded donation forms will always load in the Brave browser?

cc @fanboynz for assistance here

Been trying to debug this, after a few reloads seems https://donorbox.org/widget.js isn’t always loading (even with shields down). It is seems very intermittent. I’ll need to take a look at other donorbox.org sites to see

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I couldn’t get it to work properly in Chrome either, some refreshes would be okay, others not. @fabes something to do with the donorbox widget

Thank you very much for your help @fanboynz @eljuno!

We will continue to monitor and investigate on our end.

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