Our BATS are not increasing

@Rohit552 are you getting BATs for ads

Currently I’m not getting ads like earlier.

But when ever I get ads, i can see the increase of Estimated bat.

mere to nhi bad rhe yaar

saburi rakdoo bhai, sab aayega :partying_face:

leave about these bat and just use the browser. you’ll get your ads once issue got fixed.

Me the same… not getting Ads since hours again. And today my amount of estimated rewards decreased drastically. Something seems to be very buggy here.

did you receive any payment in recent days?

Yesterday, the mid-month payout program was completed.

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@Rohit552 your instagram id pls

Yes, I received the mid month payout for the issues in August a few days ago. But yesterday I had around 28 BAT estimated earnings in my browser. Today there are only 3 BAT left. Even if I subtract the 14 BAT from the mid month rewards there are around 11 BAT lost.

Something is fishy :thinking:

@steeven can help you on this @Chezar

i need pizza who can help :joy::joy::joy::joy:

You’re welcome! :pizza:

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you will find one for yourself @justsomeone1

Egyptians are always hot. So no need to add any spicy in that :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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the question is what will burn first me or the plate :joy:

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No doubt in it. Always your plate.

Seeing our conversations here, moderators be like:

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What was mid month payout?

It cleared all my wallets that are connected to uphold.

Approximately i got 30BAT

Mid-Month payout information here :- Update on Estimated Ads Earnings, and Payments not depositing to Uphold

bhai same problem ho rahi hai update karne ke baad

You must disable auto update. I always test the latest version on another device to test feature include rewards. If no problem, I update my Brave browser on main device. I use my laptop with dualboot Windows + Ubuntu, Windows for main Brave browser and Ubuntu for test the lastest version and coding. Brave browser on my Windows still work fine. but on my Ubuntu has same problem like you. Therefore I not update my Brave browser on my Windows

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For anyone encountering the Ads/notifications “counter/earnings not increasing” issue, please see my posts in the following thread: