Organizing bookmarks?


I’d like to sort my bookmark sub-folders within their folders in alphabetical order. It seems like I should be able to either drag folders to the right position or click on a sort somewhere. Am I missing it or is this not possible yet?
Thank you!


Dragging and dropping to reorder sub-folders doesn’t seem to work for me either. It’s been that way for a while so I’m surprised that I couldn’t find a GitHub issue ticket for it. My guess is I’m just not seeing the ticket so I’ll hold off creating one unless someone else can confirm that it really hasn’t been reported yet.

In the meanwhile, my rather clumsy work around relies on the fact that dragging a sub-folder onto it’s parent folder moves the sub-folder to the end. If you drag each sub-folder onto the parent in the order you want them to appear then you should get what you want. Clumsy but better than nothing.


I really am old fashioned so my firefox i always have the menu bar and i really prefer to have the menu bar it just makes more sense to me, now i understand why chrome/chromium/brave moved away from that but i think the bookmark part should be the same as chrome and no bookmark menu just really drop down sub-menu and that’s it specially when you have 50+ bookmarks imported from firefox it’s a mess


Yes, that’s a workable option. Thanks!


I had the same type of problem, so I played around with it and here is how I was able to arrange my bookmarks.

  1. I exported my Firefox bookmarks to a HTML file and saved to Desktop.
  2. I loaded up Brave browser, went to the Bookmark Manager and then selected Import Bookmarks, choose to import my Firefox HTML bookmark file, and turned off all the options except the second one “Favorites/Bookmarks”.
  3. It imported my bookmarks file, then I right click on the area just below the URL address bar, and selected “Bookmarks Toolbar”, which then showed a “Imported” drop down menu item just under the left/right arrows on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click this drop drown menu and it shows the bookmarks I just imported, and from here you can drag and drop the varies bookmark folders to where I wanted them to be. I put my folders all at the top of the list.
  5. After this, I right clicked the area just under the URL address and unchecked the Bookmarks Toolbar setting in order to make that “Imported” drop down menu item disappear.
  6. Then go to the Bookmarks Manager again, then immediately close the Bookmarks Manager tab. Doing this, seems to update the Imported folder located under the Bookmarks drop down menu.
  7. Now your bookmarks should be arranged to how you placed them. Just repeat these steps to move them again if you need to.

Don’t know if this is how it’s suppose to work, but that’s what I did. They may need to look at reworking this to make it more obvious or user friendly. I also did this on Linux Mint if that matters.


the organization of the bookmarks is horrible. I’ve been messing with it for an hour, i have a lot of them, and it’s still not right. It won’t let you use every variation of drag and drop you need. Love the browser, but restrictions like pointless.


that issue has been recognized by the team. it will be addresses in a future version. please hang tight. best,


I would add:

  1. saving a bookmark (using star in address bar) … the Bookmarks Toolbar is the only save to option. Dropdown appears non-functional. Clicking on on it does not offer up any of the folders available within Other Bookmarks.
  2. Attempting to move any folder within the Other Bookmarks folder (other than dropping in another existing folder) will actually move the folder to the Bookmarks toolbar … exactly where I am trying not to move it.
  3. sort of piggybacking … after going through the tedium of doing what is necessary to have folders in alpha sequence within the other bookmarks folder - any new folder additions will then require a portion of that tedium again. The new folder is placed at the end and so each folder that would fall after it in alpha sequence would then need to be moved to the bookmarks toolbar and re-added manually … because folders cannot be moved from the bookmarks toolbar to the Other bookmarks folder.


I think the performance with Bookmarks has been greatly improved - and I am one with around 15K bookmarks imported.

Organizing remains one of the big show-stoppers as I am waiting for some more performance improvements.

Specifically, the biggest hole I see is the inability to order the marks within a folder. I frequently will manually order my list in FF which can simply be performed by dragging and dropping. Perhaps this actually IS happening, but the performance is so bad (minutes not fractions of a second) that I am not seeing it.


More performance improvements will be coming. bookmark sorting is one of the most wanted features I have seen, though it seems to me that it requires a massive change of the code base. We’ll sort it out, so please hang tight. best,


I love what the team is doing! Thank you!

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