Organisation-wide brave configuration

Hello. We are looking for a way to configure the brave browser globally for all users in our organisation using our configuration management system (Puppet). We are Linux-only, so our Desktops are all running Linux. In Chromium there is /etc/chromium where you can easily define policies and preferences for all users. We thought that since brave uses the chromium engine, configuration might work similarly. But I haven’t found a system-wide configuration directory or any documentation about system-wide configuration with configuration files. Any help is appreciated.

Welcome to the community. I really can’t help, just providing links to information that may help. Please post an update with more detail if these resources do not help so that a knowledgeable community member or Brave support can provide more on-target information. :slight_smile:

Policies can be found at brave://policy

  • Check Show policies with no value set to display all available policies
  • Click Document icon at end of the policy to go to the Chromium documentation

Chromium documentation for Administrators (see Linux Quickstart)

Brave GitHub issue report:

The group policy supported by Chrome / Chromium are supported by Brave.