Orders not showing in Amazon when using Brave


If I go into Amazon, via Brave, and log-in, Amazon says that I have never placed any orders. Doing exactly the same thing with any other browser, (IE, Edge or Chrome), all my orders for the last decade are visible.


The problem only seems to exist if I use a Desktop Shortcut to Amazon, ie:

C:\Users\ld012\AppData\Local\brave\Brave.exe “https://www.amazon.com

When going into Amazon via: Brave -> Google or Bing -> Amazon, then Amazon behaves normally.


Problem solved. My bad. Sorry to have wasted your time.

The problem was with my shortcut. It should have been calling “Amazon.co.uk”, NOT “Amazon.com

Please close this call.


Thanks for confirming @Les,

I’m going to close the thread. Feel free to open a new one if you face another issue.

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