Options for not verified pearson before sunsetting vBATs

Why would anyone want their logo? I believe no one would be interested in buying those NFTs. Basically receiving 0 rewards or NFT with 0 value is the same.

BAT can as well have 0 value in certain circumstances. But as i said, i am NOT product manager.

you’re the one that doesnt have a brain are you willing to write an essay like replies if you are not working for that company?

So, if one is writing a essay with great grammar that means they are working for that said company. That’s one of the dumbest thing i ever read in my life.

No need to abuse.
Also, get a life. I am not crying about it. I am just bashing these company who lies to their users for self benefits.
Now you’re also talking about a market person who does their best to accuse people who are against a company.
Also i will be more than happy if our government also ban this browser.

I will not die of starvation because i am employed person with regular income also we have our own farms to grow food.
Also i belong to a community who care about well being of all people. Santana dharma.
So, may you never die from starvation and live a long healthy, wealthy and happy life ahead.


All these Brave this, Gemini here, Uphold that… can’t they all just get along :joy:

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You just destroyed an entire topic that actually it could have been brought to attention to interested users.
No wonder if you get untrusted and flagged.


Expected Reply from Bat Community Members-

“Other week went by, but we do not have concrete update, However, we are working on getting as many countries as possible. Those countries are pending discussions and it will be SOON added.”