Options for not verified pearson before sunsetting vBATs

Explain “soon” I believe you mean after April.

Intergration takes atleast a month, and there is no confirmation of the exchange yet. Why are you giving false hopes?

Oh, ok, I didn’t know that. I thought the address was the important thing. Because Uphold wanted to see a confirmation such as phone bill or insurance bill to confirm my Italian address and residency. :thinking:
Thanks nevertheless. :pray:

I chose Italy in Uphold and in Brave, too, as I have my fiscal residence there. As I’m currently abroad, I just hope Brave will get that partnership up and running before April, because I didn’t bring my Italian ID as it isn’t accepted for travelling abroad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, lets really hope uphold do their things on their side before April. Thanks once again for your kind help :slightly_smiling_face:

reset your brave rewards dont let brave steal your unverified wallet

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Dear @Saoiray, it looks like you have some information on the new countries to be added (at least I see it this way, sorry if I’m wrong and just unnecessarily bother you). Do you know anything on Armenia?

Uphold doesn’t offer services in there (hopefully just as for now), it is a small country with - I believe - not that much Brave users, we are still concerned though. I personally am using Brave for two years or so. And don’t want to lose my vBATs, but know no creators whom I can transfer it to.

not available in my region
I had more than 20 BAT on my account, and now I have no way to find out my Rewards payment ID to fill out the form to send a letter to support, because I am Russian, and the brave://rewards-internals/ link does not open for me. Now my wallet balance is 0 BAT and I am in India. How can I find out my balance even if you have blocked it? Or did you deceive me, take away my earned tokens? When can I see my balance? It turns out that people from 5 countries from the list of banned baht rewards cannot write a letter in support at this link due to the lack of a Rewards payment ID?

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Then why u created a wallet in your brave browser… It is for what reason??? Your custodian support only limited countries… Then freeze this browser…it seems that u don’t wanna add third world countries to the web3

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Well, the reason they can’t send rewards to the Brave Wallet is because

Brave wallet is a non custodial wallet, therefore they can’t.
Also your allegations about 3rd world countries not being supported is baseless. Last year when this issue started altogether, many 1st World countries were unsupported. Like France, Switzerland and many others.
They brought back a lot of regions from the original 19 and now list stands at 52.
Germany, a 1st World Nation is still not supported.
If you go and check the list at

You will see a lot of those regions are 3rd world.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a reality either give your bAt to some random person who’ll misuse our money or give it to brave staff because they want to steal it from un verified countries. Just uninstall brave asap.

Are you sure about that?

you are saying that they wont receive anything from brave but in reality they are getting paid. they salary is based on our brave wallets ahahahaha

Aadi is Indian and he can’t withdraw anything

Well, how will Brave will earn if they give us a way to take out our hardly earned BATs?
They will lose a lot of $ if they do so.

They advertised the browser that way in the past. Don’t support them blindly. That was their strategy the entire time.
To gain users by creators who’ll do refer and earn and then they’ll remove the payment from India. They know most of people are from the countries which are not supported.
Really i don’t care if they earn or not because they are backed by companies they don’t even pay 1% of what they get from the companies

sc4m brave says: thanks for your bat (I want more)

uphold and gemini is not the only payment method in the world if you are an employee of brave there are millions of modes of payment for your salary.

Dude those supporters of brave aren’t employees use your brain if you have one.

How do you know that?

Well, the title got my basic Attention.
In my perspective as verified creator, i will personally donate 30% of the revenue(for the past 6 months) to a random choosed org, so i can feel better myself.
I understand the position of every user affected and Brave should NOT forget the loyal users.
How? Product Manager should think about a possible strategy to reduce “churn” by creating a “cohord” with the users, and mint a NFT collection(maybe their logo), and share to that users.
There are plenty ways to reward the loyal users… legally.
Thank you.

I analysed his topic and replies