Optional Vertical Tab Manager

Hey There!

This is not an intuitive feature idea, so pardon the lengthy explanation in advance.

I have been using Brave as my primary browser for over a year, and I love how fast it runs and how much time I’ve already saved using it. My suggestion doesn’t mean to compete with the typical menubar, but to assist it.

For about as long as I’ve used brave I also used an app called Station for all of my “permanent” browser sessions like Gmail/FB/LinkedIn ETC. This freed up Brave to only be used for web browsing and temporary tabs, allowing me to “zero-out” my browser from time to time. My workflow was never more efficient.

Well, Station wrote me a letter the other week saying that they were discontinuing support effective immediately. The way they explained it – basically, it seems people like me were using it as a partial-browser, and it wasn’t designed to work that way. Apparently the codebase is unstable, and it was too big of a task to re-build from the ground up.

This made me think – ostensibly what I enjoyed about their app was that it was a browser for my favorite ‘permanent session’ web-apps. The menu was a slim column on the left hand side of my screen with a small circular icon for each web-app. This allowed for easy navigation, and had the added benefit of providing a nearly full-screen browsing experience.

That made me wonder – could this be an optional window style for Brave? A set of pinned tabs for sites that you have a login/passwords for access. Would it be easier to re-design a browser window than to build the same sort of app up from the ground up?

Any thoughts?