Optional "Brave Mode" user agent toggle

Dovetailing on my other thread on the user agent, I think it would be awesome to have a Brave Mode or Proud Mode user agent string that we could easily toggle on and off. (We’ll need it off for sites that sniff in certain ways.)

If you implement this, I humbly suggest starting from scratch with the Brave Mode string, going full gangster on standards and leaving history behind. So no Mozilla/5.0, Webkit, like Gecko or KHTML or whatever. No Chrome or Safari noise. Just something like (in the Windows 10 case):

Brave/0.58 (Windows NT 10.0; x64)

I don’t know any sites that do anything with Mozilla/5.0 part anymore, or a lot of other stuff in the string. It would be nice to lead a standards-based movement here, as an easy user option. We could even push for reform and useful info in UA strings, basically what we usually call feature detection. So something like:

Brave/0.58 (Win Desktop; Touch; HTML 5.2; ES7; WebGL 2.0; WASM 1.0)