Option to set a fixed size for new windows

I would like to request a new feature for Brave that would make my life a little easier:
Select a fixed size (wight/height) for new windows to be opened by brave instead of using the size of another windows still open in Brave.

I love to have my security cam stream visible in a small (320x240) window in brave and every time I wish to browse the web and open a new/additional window in brave it is opened in 320x240 also which is quite annoying as it has to be resized every time.

A simple option like “Open new windows with size: Last window / Half Screen / 600x800 / 960x1024 / …” would be awesome.

As a bonus I would like to request another feature that locks a window to not have new tabs added to it. I have the option selected to open new pages in a new tab like most probably do. Each time a website is opened in Brave from another source (mail…) it is added as a tab to the small window. Not really a big problem as it can be dragged out easily into a new window but this new window than is 320x240 again :frowning: So having a small lock icon right of the + icon in the tab bar would be great to prevent this window from accepting new tabs so that they get opened in a new/other window instead.

Beside this I really love Brave so please keep on the great work :heart_eyes: