Option to save browsing history - ON/OFF


Would be great to have an option to explicitly turn ON/OFF saving of browsing history.

  1. Add a Section Security > Browsing History
  2. Provide option to Turn ON/OFF browsing history
  3. If ON is selected, provide option to enter number of days to keep history
  4. Just one option – Number of days to keep browsing history: ___
    If days is set to 0, browsing history is OFF


Dunno whether this is what you’re looking for:

Edit (or hamburger) | Settings | Security

offers a bunch of options related to what’s saved or cleared when Brave is closed.

What’s not offered is any granularity. You can save stuff or not.

Another related thread Better More Granular Cookie Control/management requests more granularity specific to saving or clearing cookies.


Thank you for the response.

As of Brave version 0.22.22, the options under Edit > Security > Private Data, is for clearing the data when exiting the brave browser.

My request was to allow an option to turn ON/OFF browsing history. If ON, option to configure to keep for how many days. Similar to the existing feature in current browsers.

While currently it clears the data based on the settings when you exit Brave. Don’t want to keep clearing or exiting the browser just to clear history, which could be achieved if we had the option to explicitly turn ON/OFF just the browsing history.

The related thread you mentioned ‘Better More Granular Cookie Control/management’ is much more involved and deeper. I do see the point being made, but it gets too technical for normal internet user to configure that. However, a specified interface or configuration setting could be helpful.


I agree with this request. It could give us more control about our use. What Yash is requesting is different what is saying rebike9. I vote it!