Option to remove made-up gender neutral language

In Germany left wingers have invented a new type of grammar that’s supposed to be gender neutral. According to polls around 60-70% of the German people from all political backgrounds oppose that Orwellian so called gender language. Despite this fact left wing media, politicians and woke corporations still try to long term brainwash the population into submitting to this bs.
On desktop there’s the possibility to remove this automatically with addons, but not on Android (as far as I know). So I’d like an option for Brave users to disable the gender language so everyone has a choice. As I said above this would be probably appreciated by quite many people.
Or in general introduce something like addons for Android if that’s possible
Thanks for considering

You are very correct, I advise staying on a lower version and turning off JIT in chrome:flags as this is where almost all vulnerabilities come from.