Option to make the Menu Bar permanently visible without the need to scroll the page up

Smartphones are getting big these days. It won’t hurt if the menu bar is optionally made permanently visible. It takes up just half an inch. In return, it makes multi-tasking between tabs much easier.

Problem 1. Some websites use scripts to create a frame and display content inside it. The whole page is the frame. Scrolling up within this frame doesn’t cause Brave to show the menu/address bars. The browser doesn’t realize you’re scrolling up. This happens rarely, but I come across often enough to find it annoying. Having the menu bar (optionally) permanently visible will solve this.

Problem 2. As phones get bigger and faster, many of us use it as the main computer. This means heavy multi-tab multitasking. It’s cumbersome to constantly scroll a page up just to see the menu bar again just so that you can switch to another tab. Some browsers allow pinning the menu bar, and I find that experience better for multi-tasking.

Problem 3. Malicious actors can draw a fake Chromium address bar with a script for phishing purposes. Having the menu (or address) bar permanently visible could defend against this attack.

Solution: A new option Settings > Appearance >Always show the Menu Bar

I’m not saying that the people at Brave are Left-wing liberals, but it’s like Left-wing nut jobs who claim to be for “freedom of choice,” yet take away your choice or only offer you their choice or point of view… and if you have your own, they ridicule you for it.