Option to link VPN subscription not showing up

Please provide us with the following information

Type of device:
Galaxy S22+

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ):
Android 13

Detailed description of the behavior:
I purchase a VPN subscription through my iOS device and when I try to add the subscription to my android phone the option to link the purchase is not present on the VPN settings page.

I am unclear on what exactly is happening here — if you purchased the subscription via the iOS device, then that is where the link will appear, as per the instructions on our Help Center state here:

Are you saying that, on the iOS device you purchased the subscription on, the option to link your account is no appearing?

I have successfully linked it to my iOS device, but I am trying to link it to my android device as one of my 5 other devices. No option to link it shows up on my android device.

Hello @frankensteiner Since you already followed the required steps on your iOS device, the only action required on your Android device is to log in to account.brave.com and Refresh to connect to the VPN.