Option to enable bookmarks bar only in new tab

Please feature ability to show bookmarks bar only in new tabs and/or make navigation to bookmarks easier. I prefer a clean UI and usually don’t have bookmarks bar showing in other browsers. Navigation to bookmarks in Beta is difficult if bookmark bar hidden as the only option is to use bookmark manager. Please make this easier as in Edge, or even Firefox. Also, I’m unable to import bookmarks from Edge, and have already submitted bug report.

Hi @jaybird,

What Brave version are you using? Brave Beta (brave.com/download-beta) do show bookmarks bar on new tab. Ctrl+Shift+B to hide/unhide bookmarks bar.


Beta. Oh, I found it right after I posted, DUH! But, still can’t import bookmarks!

@jaybird, where did you submit your report about not being able to import from Edge?

I submitted to Bugs and got a response already. Exported from Edge as HTML and I’m all set!


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