Option to edit the new tab page

Hello! Got a little suggestion that i believe would make the app more enjoyable to use.
As the title states would be great to be able to add bookmarks as icons on the new tab page.
I intuintively tried long pressing a bookmark thinking it might allow me to add it on the home page, which is for me set to the new tab page. I think it would be nice if we could edit it just like we can edit the bookmark bar on the desktop version. It would save us users from having to take extra steps to get to a website we wan’t. Now we have to either start typing and choose the website we wan’t to view from the suggestions provided or open the bookmarks and choose from there, which ofcourse doesn’t take that long, but i think if you streamline the process that it would improve the user experience.
I hope i explained the idea well, probably could have done it with a lot less explaining but I’m struggling as it is conveying my idea in the english language xD

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