Option to disable transitions and animations for eInk devices?


Hello! I’m using Brave on every device I own, including an e-Ink Android tablet that I use to browse the internet, read books, and study while sitting in the sun :sunny: where regular displays are utterly useless.

My tablet is the Icarus Illumina XL HD, model E785BK, a 7.8" e-reader with a HD e-Ink display, Wi-Fi, and proper touchscreen, running Android 4.2.2 and the latest Brave 1.0.43 from the Play Store.

Before anybody starts shouting “Android 4.2? That’s ancient!!” keep in mind the amount of work it must have taken to make it work on a low-refresh display like that of an e-reader. Even with the low CPU/RAM specs and the old OS, this device is the best Internet-connected thing I’ve ever owned that is even useable in the sun.

That being said, animations, transitions, and videos of any kind are stuttering and choppy on this display, by its very nature. I’ve already disabled video playback in Brave.

Is there a plug-in or a setting to disable animations and transitions? I think those defined in CSS should be fairly easy to disable at the Webkit engine level. Javascript ones might be a different story. Would you consider adding it as an option?

PS. Also it would be great if such a setting would disable or throttle animated GIFs and the browser’s builtin animations, such as the glowing loading bar, the “stop” elastic band animation when you drag a page to its very end, or the new/close tab animation. Basically, anything that is not a clear cut from picture A to picture B is an annoyance on this kind of screen.


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