Option to disable tav preview on hover


Maybe this is already available and I haven’t found it but the hover on tab preview is annoying for me. For two reasons: I never use it on purpose and the way i use the mouse i’m constantly hovering on the tab and it messes up my viewing.


Hello @violet_wray, there is an option to disable tab overview in settings page under tab section.

You can disable the 3rd option which will stop the tab preview


i have no idea how i missed that! thanks


you probably miss it (like i do) because of the long list of preference set-up that we have to go through at first use.

Thanks for this.

The tab-preview was causing me some serious mental issue. Psychologically speaking, when we switch between images, there is actually an “after-image” of the previous image. So this tab preview was like light-bulb flickering on-off-on-off in front of my eyes whenever i accidentally hover over a tab @_@.


Thank you - this was killing me!

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