Option to disable notification popups?


Most of the websites now asks me to enable notifications through a popup, it would be nice if there is an option to suppress this completely or better like how plugins this can be handled to show an icon, and user can tap on it to enable it.

Attaching a sample notification i got from https://www.medianama.com

Using Brave in Mac - Version 0.55.10 Chromium: 70.0.3538.22 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)


Currently there is no option to disable the notification bubble. I have logged an issue for this feature to be implemented. You can track the issue here

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@sriram should this can be done via Settings > Content settings > Notifications? :sweat_smile:


Yeah @eljuno @sriram is this not known?
Steps @eljuno took disable popup notifications.


@eljuno @Mattches that setting will not disable the popups. More info added here Allow option to disable notification popup under site info · Issue #1406 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub


Any update on when this feature might show up in Brave?


There is no current ETA on implementing this feature. Its on our backlog and would be done at a later point in time.


So are we basically saying that once a web site starts notifying me through Brave there’s NOTHING that I can do to disable that until the feature is implemented?


Which notifications are you seeing that you’d rather not see, @Pitosalas?