Option to clear cookies, lso's cache, etc, etc between closing and opening tabs (privacy/security self defense)


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Hi @popin,

Please edit your post above (click 3 dots in the end of your post > edit this post) and provide the requisite info.



I don’t see any relationship between the subject title and body of this post. I was going to start a “new feature” request when the site suggested this thread, but, coming here, I see only a plea to not waste developers time.

Ok, I won’t waste anyone’s time, but there is a need for the thread subject feature., because:

  1. I realize this is going to get the “if everybody else jumped off the bridge” routine you used to get from your parents, but…
    Firefox has it, as a option under Privacy.
    However, more importantly…

  2. Rogue sites can lock up the browser on the last tab with a malicious link as the only option. Perhaps this problem could be fixed by preventing that lockup, but I don’t see that happening without a lot of forensic work to find how to do it and then figure out a way to stop that, whereas this option will allow for prevention and is simpler.

Lemme 'splain-
I was searching for sites documenting ways and pitfalls of swapping a chev v6 into a Toy pickup. In this process, I wound up in a lot of forum sites, many of which are fairly old and poorly maintained. Many of the posts on the sites referenced other sites, some with links, which I followed, sometimes to good info, sometimes to poor, sometimes to 404, and the last to a malicious one. I suspect that a bad operator took advantage of some vulnerability to insert his own link into what had been a benign discussion, but for whatever reason, I wound up with a bunch of tabs, with the last opened presenting me with the "notification " that my Android machine had a virus,and to “click here” to fix it.
Saying “My momma didn’t raise no fool”, I attempted to close this tab. No joy, tapping the “x” on my tablet changed nothing. Ok, lets get into setting and clear things. Hmmm, this is some nasty software; the three dot “menu” for down dropped nothing. Close the browser. Reopening it - right back to the malicious tab. Rebooting the tablet produced no improvement; subsequent opening of Brave gave me only to option to infect my machine. Using a different computer,
I found the instructions as to how to clear everything, which I did. Problem is, I lost ALL my bookmarks, including the ones related to the search which brought me to this.
Adding this option shouldn’t be hard, having the browser retain tab history across closure required ADDING code; the original tabbed browsers would lose tab memory when closed.

Defaults under this option are not critical, Firefox leaves them all unchecked, Orfox (the high privacy version for Tor) checks every one.

What is important is that if I had had this option I would have had it set to remove history and tabs at closure, and I would still have access to the information that I had saved in bookmarks.

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