Option for linking Gemini on mobile?

I have Gemini set up and linked in the browser on my desktop, but no way to do it on mobile. Uphold seems to be the only option.

@Scamcast That’s correct, because Gemini isn’t available for Android yet, at least not on the normal version. It’s going to be released on Android in version 1.38. You can go install Brave Nightly which is the testing and development version of Brave, but it can come with bugs or data loss as a result. That said, Brave Nightly is running on 1.38 right now and can be connected to Gemini. So I’ll leave that to you.

As to when 1.38 is going to be given to us, nobody knows. Current Brave version on Android is 1.36.116 so it makes it seem like it might be a little while yet.


Adding additional information from Brave Release Schedule. The release date for 1.38.x is scheduled for April 26. Now whether that is delayed or not is another story…