Optimized compiler flags for increased performance?


I’m using Brave as my main browser for a few years now on Windows, Linux and mobile for its excellent speed, user experience combined with privacy. Recently, I heard about a Chromium build named Thorium, which is pretty much bare Chromium but compiled with specialized compiler flags. This should yield 8-40% performance speedup (reference: https://thorium.rocks/).

I quickly tested it using a live Linux, the speed looks fine, still I didn’t benchmark it by myself. I only would like to ask: What do you think of compiling Brave with the same flags? It could be an relatively easy way to improve the browsing speed even more.

Clearly, this might break compatibility with older CPUs. Still, it could be an option to only add these flags for 64 bit builds such that older CPUs could still be supported using the 32 bit build.

Would lose compatibility with older CPU’s, that would cause much disruption on those users on those platforms. Actual real world speed web browsing difference might be much lower.

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