Opera Bookmarks and other features I would like to see in Brave


Before I begin, I want to say I really like BRAVE it is an good browser with excellent privacy features. While I use Brave, Opera is still my primary driver at the moment. The reasons are :

  1. I can sync my bookmarks in the cloud (I know this feature exists in Brave but has been temporarily disabled because of a bug)
  2. Bookmark management
  3. Workspaces
  4. Flow integration

So you’ll say, wait a minute, Brave has a bookmark manager. Yes it does just like every other browser. However, Opera is the only browser that has a different look and feel which makes it easy to find what I want, it is beautiful and just well done. I would LOVE to see something similar implemented in Brave even if as a plugin. I encourage your team to get Opera and try the bookmarks to see what I mean if you have not.

Of course that is not the only reason why I use Opera, there is the flow and a bunch of other features like workspaces which just makes it a nice browser to use.

I’m only mentioning this because, in terms of privacy, Brave has the edge but in terms of features I think Opera has a lot that other browsers do not even have.

Anyways my intent is not to generate a flame war or have this dive into which browser is best, just simply my view into what I think could make Brave even better and it is entirely my own opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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