openSUSE RPM repository permissions problem


The repository installation instructions for openSUSE still don’t work. My earlier post about this problem has been closed, and the person who has ended up with the issue on GitHub has clearly not understood what is going on.

That GitHub issue in fact describes what happens when a linux machine does not have its network configured correctly, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the permission problem on the repository server that I reported. I did try to clarify what is going on with my comment on GitHub, but it doesn’t look like anyone is interested.

I know that the browser is free, and in beta, but it is ridiculous for the download/installation instructions to be unusable for weeks without any sign of anyone looking into it properly.


I came back to give Brave another shot since OpenSuse is about to offer another new version (Leap 15) and I thought it would be good to give my users Brave as an option if it would install.

I failed completely in my attempt to find working install instructions for OpenSuse that my non-technical users could follow. Hopefully at some point Brave will take interest in supporting OpenSuse as a platform.

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