OpenSuSE, Brave install, missing gconf2


I’m attempting to install the latest release of Brave on OpenSuSE but receive the following error:

Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…
Resolving package dependencies…

Problem: nothing provides GConf2 needed by brave-0.18.16-1.x86_64
** Solution 1: do not install brave-0.18.16-1.x86_64**
** Solution 2: break brave-0.18.16-1.x86_64 by ignoring some of its dependencies**

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After checking, gconf2 is installed.


Hi, that issue has been recognized and tracked here:

the issue will be fixed in 0.21 version (or sooner if it was confirmed that the fix works properly). please hang tight :slight_smile: best,


Thanks for this!

And yes, I searched before starting this new post. I always search before doing this. Nothing came up in my search so not sure what happened.


yeah I understand, as github search function is not so good as search engines :wink:

I’d like to recommend you to use duckduckgo to search for issues, like this:



closing this in favor of the opensuse thread here : Opensuse install "GConf2 needed by brave-0.13.0-1.x86_64"

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