Opensuse brave-browser update failing

openSUSE Leap 15.3, current version brave-browser-1.50.114-1.x86_64
Getting the “update” button in the upper right with the message “couldn’t update … reinstall Brave”. Never saw this before.
Manually running : “zypp up brave-browser” results in:
Warning: Digest verification failed for file ‘brave-browser-1.50.125-1.x86_64.rpm’
‘expected 50ef62feff6bae2e98da928aa692447d903138979681fd9f0c47dbd3a18a024a
but got 84aebe4c08153cf98c493ecfbd2d8eff0a8f2ccc0191120ca4162f517ddb2cc1’
I verified that the 84aeb… chksum matches the file just downloaded. The listing of the rpm file appears to be intact. Updated the GPG signing key, made no difference.
Is your repo copy of the 1.50.125-1.x86_64.rpm possibly corrupt ??

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