Open's to half-minimized


Everytime I open the browser, it opens as a window, not maximized fullscreen (the icon in the upper right hand corner can be clicked to make it fullscreen). Annoying little habit that I can’t find a setting to change. Is Brave supposed to do this? I’d like it to open to a full maximized screen.


Please post your Brave version from the about:Brave page and what OS you are on.


Windows 10, Version 0.18.29


I had this a few years ago with chromium,
The fix was when you open the browser, you should be able to place your cursor on the edge and drag the window to full size, then all subsequent openings should be fullsceen.
Unsure if this will work with Brave but worth a try.



It’s a known issue and likely the fix is coming in 0.20.x. Temporary workaround is to right-click Brave shortcut > Properties > set to maximized.

Hope this can help for now.
Thank you,