Opening YouTube links in external app by default


Hi. Some time ago Brave browser for Android changed its behaviour and now opens YouTube links within the browser. Previously it used to ask whether to open then in Brave or in the external app and it was possible to choose to always use the YouTube app by default, just like it works in Chrome. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it’s the same.

Can we get the old behaviour back? I really preffer watching youtube videos on the youtube app.



I’ve got “Video playback in brave” disabled but it still plays in Brave 1.0.49 on Android.


Hi @Xharos and @Dude

Could you give me your steps to reproduce?

Here’s what I’m doing and I’m able to get videos to play in the YT app:
Open Brave
Tap on 3 dots menu > Settings > Site Settings > Media
Disable Video playback in Brave.
Go to
Search for a video (cat videos are a good one for a laugh :laughing: )
Tap on a link for one of the videos, it opens and plays in YT app.


I didn’t know this option existed. Thanks!


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