Opening links always opens extra bubble with Brave welcome


I recently reinstalled Link Bubble on my Pixel. It had started having invisible bubbles/windows. Reinstalling fixed that, but I now have an issue where every time I open a link with Link Bubble, it creates 2 bubbles, one with the page I want to open, the second with the Brave welcome page. It also expands that second bubble instead of loading in the background. If I open Link Bubble itself, instead of following a link, it creates a bubble for the Brave welcome page and, again, expands it.

I’ve double checked all of the settings and I have “auto expand” turned off. I also can’t find anything that looks like it would cause this “welcome” bubble to always open. It didn’t behave like this before I reinstalled it.

Android "Welcome Bubble"

I have the same situation, and it bothers me…


I only reinstalled yesterday and a while of not using the app and it annoys me no end that every time I open a link in an email, instead of the page I’m looking for, I am faced with the same welcome page. This is supposed to save time, not add to it. Seriously thinking of uninstalling.


Hi @drathos, @Mou, and @Donnocha

Could each of you provide your Brave version?


cc: @Serg


Hi Lauren,
I’m using link bubble version 1.9.58 and Brave version 1.0.29. The problem that I’m experiencing is with link bubble. Great app but this is extremely frustrating.



Same thing happens to me as well.

I just upgraded/flashed from Android 5.1 to Android 7.1.1 and thous reinstalled all apps. Now whenever I open Link Bubble, it opens a bubble with the “Welcome to Linkbubble” website. I have link bubble version 1.9.58 installed.


The same thing happens to me too. I’m also running version 1.9.58. I had to reinstall the app yesterday when I reset my phone to defaults and now the “welcome” bubble pops up every time I click on a link. Also, the bubble pops up right away instead of loading in the background.


Hi Everyone,

LinkBubble is no longer supported. There is a blog post detailing the reasoning for this, which can be found here: . However, the code for LinkBubble is open source and still available should anyone wish to customize it for themselves.


Android "Welcome Bubble"
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