Opening Excel spreadsheet received via email, through Brave

When I receive an Excel spreadsheet via email and want to open it through my Brave browser, Brave wants to save it, instead of opening it. How do I fix it?

Hello, @Gervil777.

Are you viewing your e-mail message in Brave?

If you mean actually having Brave display the Excel spreadsheet, natively I don’t think it can, but it can open the file using an online service like Google Sheets or Office Online or it can open the file automatically in Excel/LibreOffice/OpenOffice.

To have Brave automatically open the file in Excel or a compatible application, then following the instructions at the site below should do the trick (I just tried it and it worked). Yes, it’s Chrome-oriented, but it works with Brave if you overlook the cosmetic differences.

If you’re trying to open the file in Google Sheets in Brave (or Office Online or some other web-based software), you might try the Sheets or corresponding extension (, but if you go to the service it may offer to be your default file handler (probably showing up in brave://settings/handlers once selected).

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