Opening a new tab sometimes logs off in websites


Recently ( a couple of weeks ago) this issue began to trouble me:

First: I’m browsing in a website that I’m logged in (in the example, Facebook)
Second: I open a link in a new tab, which I´ve being doing as long as I remember tabs being something on web browsers and I never had any issues like this.
Third: The tab opens normally but in a matter of time (mainly less than a minute) the tab refreshes itself and it kicks me out of my logged in session. I have to manually re-log to resume my browsing.

In the example there are five tabs:
The first one is the “root one”, that’s the first tab where I opened the links in.
The second (in screen) and third one are the ones where the tab kicked me out of my session; They say “Grupo público” which means Public Group and is an indicator that in that tab I’m not logged to Facebook anymore.
And the fourth and fifth ones are tabs I opened that hadn’t logged me off.

All this happens way too often and too randomly. Also, I’ve never had Brave Shield active on Facebook.

I’m in Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
in Brave Version 0.23.39

Thanks for your time.


This is happening to me too, I usually have multiple tabs with YouTube and it has been logging me out. It has done the same with Facebook & Twitter…and the browser just closed/crashed on my pc as I am writing this through my phone app.


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