Open window with specific default session


I absolutely love the session tab feature and am very thankful you all implemented it!

I think it would be really handy if the feature could be extended: I would love to be able to open a window and designate that all tabs created in that window be (for example) Session Tab 2 tabs.

It can cause a lot of confusion when clicking on the + button to create a new tab creates one in the default session when my brain is expecting to be operating in the Session Tab 2 session.


Hi @barriss :smile:

Thanks for your suggestion. We have received a similar suggestion and the team is researching what the best option for all of us is.

Since the team is quite busy in releasing stuff related with Basic Attention Token, so please hang tight :wink:



Thanks for your speedy response! Definitely happy to wait. Glad to put it on the radar. Really excited to see all the amazing stuff the team has in store for us!


Hi @barriss!

Thanks for kind words :blush: Actually the requests are piling up (as you might find out on the feature request category) while we are the start up and the team is quite small compared with Google or Mozilla. So don’t be angry if your suggestion is not implemented soon … :wink:

If you see issues or bugs, please log ones (after searching for duplicates)! We have many confirmed but unfixed bugs, and we’re fixing them following priority.

Thanks for understanding! :smile:

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