Open URL in Private Window/Private Window with Tor with a keyboard shortcut

Please add keyboard shortcuts to open any clickable URL in a Private Window or Private Window with Tor.

e.g. on macOS add:
hold Shift-Command while left clicking an URL to open in a (new) Private Window
hold Option-Command while left clicking an URL to open in a (new) Private Window with Tor

Basically the options from the right-click menu, but as a keyboard shortcut.

This would make it easier and faster to open any URL in the desired type of Window. :slight_smile:

These are already present and are displayed next to the options in the main menu in the browser:

I don’t want to open new empty Private Windows/Private Windows with Tor.

I want to be able to click any link on a website while holding down a keyboard combo so that these links open in Private Windows or Private Windows with Tor.
Like Command-clicking a link opens the link in a new tab in the background, I want e.g. Shift-Command+left click on a link to open this link in a Private Window.

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I see — apologies for misunderstanding the request. I assume you’re aware that you can right-click any link and select this from the context menu, but again that’s not what you’re asking for.

Appreciate your feedback/input.

In the meantime I found

and it does what I was looking for.

Having this functionality directly in Brave would still be preferable for security/privacy reasons. :slight_smile:

I was looking for exactly this as well. I use this a lot and I don’t like having to open the context menu and click on “open link in private windows” then switch back to my original window.
I would like to suggest to implement it as well (Chrome can do it, so it can’t be that hard, right?).

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