Open Tabs After Restart


I’d love for Brave to automatically open all the same tabs I had open when I restart the browser because of an update, but without changing my current preferences.


It is not implemented. I think it is not planned either. best,


That’s kind of why I posted in the Feature Request section. To get it added to the plans.

It’s not a critical feature, but Firefox does it, and folks don’t like like losing features. We want improvement, not loss.


Right, that makes sense. I was foolish :frowning:


@suguru @jss1138

Something like this one?


Very similar to that FR. But where your FR limits the feature to New Tab settings, I think it should apply to any startup preference.

In other words, regardless of what the user has set for Brave Starts With:, Brave should always reopen the same tabs after an Update/Upgrade.

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