Open PDFs inside Brave



I got a new Dell Windows 10 laptop. Installed Brave and made it my default browser. However, whenever I open PDF files they open with Explorer. Any way to fix this so that they open in Brave? Thanks!


If you go to settings (Ctrl+,) and select Extensions, there should be one called PDF Viewer". Is that extension active?


Thank you for the response. Yes the PDF Viewer extension is enabled. Version 1.9.457.


Ah, I think I slightly misunderstood what you mean. I assumed you were talking about clicking on a link on a website that leads to a PDF file, and instead of opening the file it would be downloaded and shown in the Windows Explorer. But you probably mean that when you open PDFs on your new Laptop that they get opened in Microsofts new Edge Browser, which is the default PDF viewer on Win10?

If that’s the case I’m not sure that’s possible. You can change the default viewer (here’s a guide) but I don’t think Brave is made with that use in mind. I tried it just now and while I could select brave as default viewer, PDFs would simply not show, no matter how many times I opened them in Brave.


I couldnt even select Brave as an option when I went through that guide to select another app. Oh well, maybe this will be an added feature in the future.