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I got a new Dell Windows 10 laptop. Installed Brave and made it my default browser. However, whenever I open PDF files they open with Explorer. Any way to fix this so that they open in Brave? Thanks!


If you go to settings (Ctrl+,) and select Extensions, there should be one called PDF Viewer". Is that extension active?


Thank you for the response. Yes the PDF Viewer extension is enabled. Version 1.9.457.


Ah, I think I slightly misunderstood what you mean. I assumed you were talking about clicking on a link on a website that leads to a PDF file, and instead of opening the file it would be downloaded and shown in the Windows Explorer. But you probably mean that when you open PDFs on your new Laptop that they get opened in Microsofts new Edge Browser, which is the default PDF viewer on Win10?

If that’s the case I’m not sure that’s possible. You can change the default viewer (here’s a guide) but I don’t think Brave is made with that use in mind. I tried it just now and while I could select brave as default viewer, PDFs would simply not show, no matter how many times I opened them in Brave.


I couldnt even select Brave as an option when I went through that guide to select another app. Oh well, maybe this will be an added feature in the future.


I’ve run across another application for which the pdf.js handler is incompatible and it’s one I use daily for work. Regrettably, the two incompatibilities are show-stoppers for me and I’ve had to abandon Brave as my daily driver (for now). Brave is far superior to Chrome & FF in so many ways that this little Achilles heel is a big disappointment.

OT, but suddenly Brave’s built-in adblocker has stopped working as of a few days ago, as well.

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Since this topic is several months old, I’m going to go ahead and close it, but before I do I’m wondering if this issue was ever resolved for you?


HI @Mattches I didn’t want to create another topic seeing as this one is about to be closed and I wasn’t too sure about this but I was curious, as Strict Site Isolation is improved over time in Brave to enhance security by loading each site on its own process, as it’s the default in Chromium and maybe soon in Brave-Core as well, do you think it’s at all possibly to enable PDF Viewer from extensions without having to restart the browser and reload/generate greater bandwidth from dozens of tabs again by just restarting one tab instead.


Would it look something like this? :thinking:
And then

So to answer your question: Yes, in Brave-Core that is (as displayed above) possible. Now, if you’re talking Muon build specifically I’d say it’s highly unlikely to be implemented before we release Brave-Core.

@Numpty, have you not tried the Developer Build yet? Is there a particular reason?


I’ve got a smirk on my face typing this bit - I don’t want to ruin the experience of a fully polished 1.0 because there’s just a few of us on here that have been waiting so long for 1.0, literally over a year, that using the dev version which doesn’t yet have the soon to be construed ‘classic Brave-Moun’ features would sort of seem like using Brave Software during its inception phase and I don’t want to experience that again, even though Chromium fixes many of the Moun issues out of the box.

In addition, you’re going to think this is silly but I’d like to see all these ticked off Roadmap · brave/brave-browser Wiki · GitHub before I switch unless the seamless update forces me to :slight_smile:


I had a related issue which I found a fix/workaround for. My issue was that when following links to PDFs from a page, rather than just opening them in Brave, I’d be asked where I wanted to save them.

Turns out that I had the option Always ask me where to save files enabled on about:preferences#general

If I turn that off (so downloaded files are always saved to the specified folder) then Brave opens them using the PDF JS extension, if it is enabled.

This doesn’t result in the PDF file being downloaded to the downloads folder, so this is a bit confusing, and perhaps a minor bug in the implementation of the PDF JS extension.