Open PDF in browser with space characters

I’ve searched through all the troubleshooting of opening PDF documents in the browser rather than saving to PC. Will brave ever work towards having the ability to open PDF’s with special characters in the near future?

I open multiple PDF datasheets a day (100+), that are saved on websites. Some PDFs work and others don’t presumably due to special characters. I cannot possibly download this many PDFs to my PC and manage them. I have the adobe extension and have my settings set to open in browser as well.

If this is something that will be improved I would love to stay with Brave, but as it’s a major part of my daily tasks I may have to switch to another browser.

Thank you for reaching out.
To be clear, you’re saying that all the PDFs you view online are downloaded rather than viewed in-browser?

Some PDF open in browser and others don’t, PDF datasheets from the same website. I looked through other topics and noticed that someone stated that it will open a new tab and request to Save As if there are space characters in the file name, even if the option “Open in Browser” is on. It’s a hit and miss for viewing in browser.

Is it possible for you to share a link to such a site/PDF so that I can test on my end?

Good and bad news! Looks like it’s just the way the website uploaded the string or file, it forces a download but only for specific datasheets. Has ‘download’ hidden in the link to prompt it and not allow browser access. Something which I have never experienced from that site ( for reference, and I open the PDF datasheets on products). But also all my other PDF issues just happened to disappear with enough testing and restarting. :slight_smile:

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Very interesting. So to confirm, the issue is site related rather than Brave related?

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