Open PDF directly in external application (Preview, Acrobat, etc) without downloading


I have looked in the forums but cannot find a solution. I would like to open .pdf files DIRECTLY in an external application, ideally Preview on a Mac. The only options seem to be to download to a file, or open in Brave, neither of which are ideal.

Can someone help?


  • Peter

[Similarly, I would like to open other files in their own applications, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, …]

Can someone reply to this? Is there no way to have Brave automatically open PDF’s in an external viewer (ideally the default viewer Preview on my Macs).



Check @ brave://settings/content/pdfDocuments to open in Brave or download the file.

  1. To open in external pdf editor you need first to download the file. I installed this extension to open directly in default viewer
  2. To open editor like Adobe, install extension.

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