"Open New Window" options by Right clicking Brave icon in Windows taskbar


I would like a feature where you right click on the taskbar icon and there are 2 additional options:

  1. Open New Window
  2. Open New Private Window

Open new windows from the Windows taskbar or with the brave desktop shortcut

On MacOS, when I right click the Brave icon in my taskbar, I actually do have a “New Window” option available. As for “New Private Window”, Brave has Private Tabs instead of a separate private/incognito window, so that may be why the option is not there. I suppose that on Windows (assuming you are using Windows), one does not also have a “New Window” option upon right-clicking?



@chriscat yep, it’s not available on Windows version. :slight_smile:

@tberneman an issue logged for this in the link below. I added your request as +1 to the issue.



Nope, us Windows users don’t get it!



Yes, I missed that! Should I delete this thread (if I can) or merge them or what?


No action needed. We can leave this thread open. :slight_smile:
If other user have same request, they can add their +1 to this thread.