Open in Brave share option


Definitely need a Open in Brave share option. This would allow users to open links in apps using the iOS WebView in Brave.

Chrome for iOS has this feature if you want to see an example.


Hi @alwillis,

Mind checking this one?



Thanks for the reply.

So in my testing, here’s what I’ve found:

  • it shows up in some apps, like Tweetbot…
  • but not in others, like Apple’s News app…
  • while it’s not the default, the Open in Chrome share option can be added to the share sheet in News…
  • but the Open in Brave share option isn’t available to be added to the News app

I’m using iOS 11.2.1, build 15C153 if that helps.


cc @LaurenWags and @joel on this. :slight_smile:


I also want to loop in @sriram - I don’t have an iOS 11 device yet :slight_smile:



@alwillis there is an issue logged for this and can be tracked here.


Managed to fix it, should be live with the next app update :slight_smile:

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