Open file link with application instead of downloading

I want to open a link for a banking file to be opened by personal finance program, but I only get the option to download. Although I’ve seen others post similar questions, they didn’t get an answer b/c they didn’t sign up for an account, or it had to do with .pdf (which seems to have a different work-around) Any thoughts on opening instead of downloading? Can someone confirm if available and, if not, is it in the works?



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What program are you trying to open the file with? Is it an extension or an installed app?

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Downloading a banking file in Brave browser to be opened by Quicken on my Windows 10 laptop

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If you’re opening a Quicken file from the browser (from an online source), you probably do need to download the file first before it can be opened directly. After the download completes, does it automatically launch in the application?

Both Chrome and Firefox immediately open the banking file using Quicken. This should be the same for any opened file (though it seems .pdf files may be a special case). Judging from the number of people who’ve posted about this problem, it must be a known issue–so am wondering if there’s a fix (since I saw no answer to any of these concerns in the kb articles).

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Please could you solve this problem, it is really annoying and in firefox it works. Thanks!

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