Open external links in background

If you use a RSS-program and click on a link, Brave will come in focus and the link will open. In fact a link in any third party software is handled the same - Brave takes focus and opens the link.

Brave should be able to open a link, in the background, without “stealing” focus since this is way of gathering data - you read through a lot of RSS-links (an example), you click on links and only after that you actually move over to the browser - reading a lot of links.

Hey Northwiz,

I absolutely agree with you. This is an heritage of Google Chrome and Chromium. Is it something that the Brave team can fix ?
It would mean a lot for a lot of people because it’s much more time consuming than seeing ads.

Thank you.

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Hello everyone,
Any news on this one?
I’m using Safari while Brave is being compiled for the Apple M1, and I forgot how great is it when a browser respect what the OS tells him to do.
Since you are based on Chromium, is it something you can do something about, or are we doomed?
Thank you :wink:

I would like to vote for this also, and wondering if its possible to be fixed by brave. My user scenario is similar but also, if you hold command and click on a link even using Mail app, other browsers (safari and firefox for example) are respecting open in background while Brave is always activating its window to foreground.

@Mattches Any chance that can be addressed by Brave? Airmail has a feature “open links in background” so one can zip through their emails without jumping between apps. It works with every browser except Chrome and Brave. Even Tor works.

I had to switch my default browser to Safari just make it open links in the background, but I don’t really want Safari as my default.

Having the same problem. Hoping this will get fixed, since firefox and safari can do this.

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